Case Studies


Axel Johnson is a Swedish-based Family-owned Multinational Investment Company (The Axel Johnson Group) operating in the US as Axel Johnson Inc. (AJI). The US arm of the company is run by a duo of managing partners whose job it is to maximize the investment portfolio of the family in the US through the purchase and sale of US companies, and, at the same time, carry out the forward-thinking vision and agenda of the family.


AJI wanted a web site that had a personality, which reflected the US-based management of the company rather than one that echoed the design sensibilities of the Swedish-based Axel Johnson Group. Clear Light was asked to create a stylish and refined Web site with excellent functionality and navigation, which reinforced the corporate culture and vision of the Managing Partners, yet was consistent with the values of the Group. The site was to reference the Axel-Johnson Family’s illustrious past yet not dwell on it. It was to further explicate the company’s core values and investment philosophy, describe current and past holdings and contain a “timeline” section with some visual pop.

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